NhumBai (pronounced Nyum-Bi )  – means “eat rice” in Khmer!

Daily life in Cambodia  is centered around three meals of rice per day, with meal time being about bringing people together. Eating is more than just satisfying hunger, for Cambodian people it is considered an important time of day, taking a break from the daily activities to spend time together.  Cambodians greet each other by saying “Nhum bai haay Now?” (Have you eaten rice yet?)


Nhumbai works with the village to allow rural Cambodians ( approx. 80% of the population) to benefit from tourism, rather than just the city population (approx. 20% of the population) of Cambodia benefiting from tourism.

NhumBai employs and trains local villagers, allowing families to make a sustainable income in the village without having to move away to the city in search of work.

NhumBai – Creating employment in the village.

NhumBai donates 50% of it profits to help impoverished families, in the village where the tours take place, to improve their lives and escape the poverty trap. Projects include providing clean water and sanitation for families who live without clean water and sanitation, and also supporting  children, who have been forced to drop out of school due to lack of money, to go back to school and get an education and improve their future.

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